Computer Scholarship


For this scholarship you must:

  1. have submitted your application and verification to BGS
  2. have never submitted a budget increase form to financial aid for a computer during your time at UCLA,
  3. have not previously received a computer scholarship from BGS or other on campus entity.

If you satisfy the requirements please connect with a program staff member for approval. If you satisfy these requirements but do not receive approval prior to purchasing your computer, you will not receive your scholarship.

Please keep in mind that all scholarships must be requested by Week 5 of either Fall or Winter quarter only. Anything requested past week 5 may take longer to process.

Next Steps

After being approved follow these steps:

  1. Purchase a computer from desired vendor
  2. Upload your receipt and completed budget increase form to Financial Aid through your UCLA portal (follow this link)
    1. Finances > View All Docs > Appeal > Budget Increase Form
    2. On your budget increase form, be sure to check "Purchase of Computer" and the box below to accept other aid instead of loans.
  3. After submitting forms to Financial Aid, please email Brianna to let her know you have submitted your required documents.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Please give us at least a week to process your scholarship.
  • This scholarship is a reimbursement. Computers must be purchased out-of-pocket and will be reimbursed via your BruinBill.
  • If you purchase your computer through the UCLA computer store in Ackerman, you can request for the computer to be charged on your BruinBill. This will act like credit, you do not pay out of pocket but will have to pay the balance by the given due date. Your scholarship should be processed by then and it is your responsibility to pay the balance.
  • If you purchase your computer outside of UCLA and the receipt requires a name, please be sure your provide YOUR information. If the receipt is under someone else's name we will not be able to award a scholarship.