Graduating Students

Our program aims to be the first stop in helping students prep for graduation. All graduating students must complete the requirements in order to access any last-year services through our program.

If you will be participating in commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2023, please fill out the following link to let us know! We would love for you to be a part of our BGS/MKV graduating cohort. Fill out the link by end of Fall 2022.


Our BGS/MKV graduating class will be able to access:

• Regalia (Undergrads can keep the cap, gown, tassel, BGS sash and diploma cover. Grad students must return their gown and hoods but can keep their cap, tassel, BGS sash and diploma cover)

  • End of Year Celebration
  • Free 1-Hour grad photo session
  • Waivers for grad school
  • Professional and Educational development funding
  • Check In’s, referrals, workshops


  • Must have submitted an application and verification and have been a part of our program for at least 1 year
  • Complete quarterly check-ins with your assigned MSW
  • Completed the senior survey
  • Complete your virtual BGS graduation folder by the due date*
  • Attend our quarterly check in

*If you did not receive the files or have any questions or concerns, please email BGS at

Students planning to graduate must declare the degree-expected term in MyUCLA. Students can use the Degree Progress Report or Degree Audit feature in MyUCLA to check their progress toward the degree.

UCLA Commencements

Access AAP

Connect with Financial Wellness

Meet with the Career Center