Bruin Guardian Scholars Program


Under the UCLA Bruin Resource Center, the Bruin Guardian Scholars (BGS) Program provides support and guidance to students who have previously engaged with the child welfare system and experienced foster care, guardianship/kinship care, juvenile probation, or that are unaccompanied minors. We aim to provide a safe and inclusive community for our students and to be a first-stop in our students' journey at UCLA.


A few of the resources BGS offers includes:

  • Scholarships and other financial assistance (if you maintain a good GPA)
  • Newsletters with a variety of resources and services
  • Employment and internship opportunities
  • Workshops, outings and other community building events (visit our events page)

In order to access these resources you must be considered an active member and satisfy our eligibility requirements. For specific information regarding prospective students, continuing or graduate students please see the appropriate tab under “For Students.”


Eligibility for the Bruin Guardian Scholars Program is dependent upon adhering to BGS requirements. Members should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Identify as a current/former foster youth, kinship, guardianship, AB12, unaccompanied minor or probation youth
  • Identify as a current undergraduate or graduate student
  • Submit proof of dependency status (ex: letter from a social worker, ward of court letter, court documentation, guardianship papers, etc...)
  • Submit a BGS application
  • Attend a new student orientation
  • Complete an intake with an MSW

Once you have become a member of our program you must continue to be an active student with our program and abide by all college standards for appropriate conduct and community behavior.

BGS Application