Emergency Scholarship

Part of being a Guardian Scholar also allows you the opportunity to apply for a $3000 emergency scholarship to cover financial hardships that you may be facing. To receive this scholarship, you must be an active BGS Scholar. *See below for more information on types of covered expenses and eligibility.

Types of Covered Expenses
A range of incidents may cause financial hardships. Type expenses that may be covered include, but are not limited to:
• Medical Expenses (including medical, dental, mental health and vision)
• Emergency Travel
• Assistance with rent due to emergency situation
• Basic needs (Food, hygiene items, etc.)
• Computer purchase reimbursement

Eligibility requirements
• Applicants must be a currently enrolled student at the University of California, Los Angeles and have a temporary financial hardship resulting from an emergency situation
• Applicants have to be a Guardian Scholar, and/or have previously been in foster care, kinship care, guardianship care, ward of the court, adopted, or related experience.
• Other possible resources have been considered and are not available or insufficient
• Be able to provide sufficient documentation of financial hardship

To receive access to this scholarship, please email bgs@saonet.ucla.edu and you will be emailed the scholarship application form.

*Please note, actual scholarship award amounts are based on financial aid budget availability. Before a student can be awarded, all funds must first be confirmed by the Financial Aid Office to determine that the student has room in their budget. BGS staff will communicate with students if there is a difference in their budget availability and the scholarship amount requested. Financial aid budget eligibility is updated every academic year (Summer through Spring).

Additional Resources/Referrals
• Economic Crisis Response TEAM (ECRT): Offers help to UCLA students facing financial crisis determine available options using a holistic approach. Students in financial distress should contact ECR. Visit http://www.studentincrisis.ucla.edu/resources.html for more detail.