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Welcome to Bruin Guardian Scholars

⫸ Becoming A Scholar⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Eligibility to Apply

Eligibility for the Bruin Guardian Scholars Program is dependent upon adhering to BGS requirements. Members should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Identify as a current/former foster youth, kinship, guardianship, AB12, unaccompanied minor or probation youth
  • Identify as an active undergraduate or graduate student
  • Submission of proof of time in care (ex: letter from a social worker, ward of the court letter, court documentation, guardianship papers, adoption papers, etc...)
  • Submit a BGS application
  • Attend New Student Orientation

There is no deadline to apply to our program.

Maintaining Eligibility

In order to maintain eligibility for the Bruin Guardian Scholars Program resources you must be an active member and adhere to the program requirements, which include:

  • Checking in with a BGS staff member at least once a quarter
  • Attend at least 3 scheduled program activities per quarter
  • Abide by all college standards for appropriate conduct and community behavior

If you are a current UCLA student that would like to apply for BGS, please submit a virtual application and email your verification letter to

Apply to BGS/MKV

⫸ Our Community


We currently serve about 200 undergraduate scholars, first-year and transfer students. Many of our students may also identify and find the following communities and offices useful:


In 2018 our program has expanded to serve students in graduate programs on the UCLA campus. Aside from communities listed above, here are other graduate specific resources:

Prospective Students

Interested in joining BGS? Every year we host a workshop for prospective students to get to know us! We will be sending information to all students during the UCLA Bruin Bound event series. If you already decided to SIR please send us your letter of verification to and fill out our virtual application! To learn more, visit our "Incoming Students" tab.


We want to connect with all of our alumni! If you were a scholar during your undergraduate or graduate experience at UCLA and want to join our list serve, please fill the following form to stay connected.

We want our alumni to be involved at the capacity they feel most comfortable, some of the ways you can be involved include:

  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Alumni reunions
  • Donations (LSAT or MCAT study materials)
  • Paneling and/or volunteering
  • Sharing employment opportunities
  • and more!